RJ Week- Takehome Points from the Webinar Organised by the Lagos State Steering Committee on Restorative Justice

In commemoration of the 2021 Restorative Justice week, the Lagos State steering committee on Restorative Justice on the 30th of November 2021 held a webinar with the theme “Crime and Justice- The Role of Restorative Justice Practices” to discuss the implementation of Restorative Justice in Lagos state.

The speakers for the event were Hon Justice C.C Ani PhD a High Court Judge in Enugu State,   Prof Don John Omale PhD the founder of the African Forum for Restorative Justice, Andriene Lindsay a Restorative Justice Coordinator in Jamaica, Ms Titilayo Shitta Bey the solicitor General and Permanent Secretary Ministry of Justice, Lagos State and Dr Akeem Bello an associate professor of the Faculty of Law, University of Lagos.

The speakers spoke on the need for Restorative Justice in the criminal justice system of Nigeria  and proferred ideas on how to effectively implement the provisions of the Nigerian Correctional Service Act.

Prof Don John Omale opined that if Lagos State gets the implementation process for Restorative Justice right it would serve as a yardstick for other states to follow. 

The steering committee members among whom is Barr. Bola Akinsete of the Lagos State Judiciary were recommended for the work they were doing and recognition was given to the Lagos State Government and Judiciary for paving way for Restorative Justice in the State.

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